I have always had an interest in art and learnt my trade through schooling and a famous Dad!

I didn’t have the easiest of starts in life but I was blessed with attending an excellent school which inspired me and encouraged me.  I followed this up with evening classes – all the rage in my day – and found a welcome release in art from the daily traumas!

Painting took back stage while I raised my family, but now I have the time to develop and expand and do more, so much more!  I now stay in Portugal for a lot of my time and enjoy the wonderful scenery and climate which helps to build the enthusiasm to carry on with my latest projects.  The natural light here is brilliant for artists – everything is so clear and colourful.

I belong to an art group or two in the Algarve and have expanded my circle of friends wonderfully and I am now looking forward to many more painting hours ahead

Just for your information, I do also paint other things apart from animals and humans!  Sometimes I delve into sunsets and landscapes – the weather in Portugal encourages plein-air working and the light is wonderful to work with, although you do need a hat!



People often ask me to paint pictures of their pets and this picture (below) and the one above are good examples of what I do.  So far no-one has been disappointed.


Loved Dog


Just received December 2018: my picture of Sharpe the husky hanging in pride of place over the fireplace in Canada – a happy friend too!


Donna Sharpe Picture on wall