A new puppy …. bless!

He is sure to be my next project!  He arrived just before Christmas – a rescue from the local Canil – his brothers and sisters were all adopted or fostered leaving him all on his own.  The Canil closes over Christmas and New Year and I couldn’t bear the thought of this 4/5 week old pup being on his own for so long, so we fostered him….. but will probably keep him!

We’ve named him Bo – we don’t know what breed he is but his feet are not enormous (I’m told that is a good sign), he has blue eyes, and mostly sienna brown hair with blonde eyebrows.  Our vet has checked him over and he is due for a second worming tablet and his first vaccinations on Thursday.

Anyone who has looked after a puppy will know that it’s exhausting!  I don’t think my hubby or I have had a good night’s sleep since he arrived!  The only time we can get anything achieved is when he naps.  He’s such a character though, makes us laugh a lot, and is basically as adorable as any puppy can be.

Our other rescue dog, who is now ten, is finding it quite hard to adjust to this little imp being in the house especially as he has never known how to play and is confused when Bo brings him a toy.  I am sure that eventually they will get used to each other and the noise level will decrease – lol – in the meantime we have no choice but to battle on!

I’ll keep you up to date on developments …… ciao for now.

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