Puppy update!

Bo has had his first vaccinations and we only have to wait another month before he has his top up vaccinations and can then go out – only a month – will seem like a year!  He’s doing well but we are not doing so well!  Still getting woken in the early hours, but we’re trying not to give in and feed him again before 7 in the morning!  I’m sure if we fed him at 4.30 a.m. he would wake up every night in expectation.

Art-wise I have just started an oil painting of Bo, hopefully capturing some of his character and his lovely blue eyes.  Finding time to actually work on it is proving a challenge but, as a last resort, at least I can continue at my art club on a Wednesday morning.  It may take a while to finish this one!

That’s where I am at the moment – fairly unproductive, frustrated and very very tired.  Things will improve I’m sure – I will update you soon!

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