Lion Family

A good friend of mine sent me a black and white picture of lions and asked me to paint them – this is the result.  It’s painted in oils on 60 x 40 cm board.  I had to use board as I have been unable to find anywhere open to buy canvas from during this current phase of lock-down and I had quite a baptism of fire learning how to paint on board as it reacts so differently from canvas!  My friend has expressed satisfaction and superlatives over the result so I am more than happy!!  Let me know your views?

Lion family


Portuguese Man

This painting emerged from an old sketch I found which I created many years ago.  While isolated in lock down I had a good rummage through old artworks and found him.  Although I could not remember his name, I do know he is a local resident.  The picture below is the end result, and I have since found out his name as he was recognised from the painting!  Wonderful!  It’s so lovely when people recognise someone you have painted!  I hope you like him.  He’s mixed media on canvas, 50 x 70 cm.

Portuguese Man 2


Not Alone

Exceptional words of love just have to be re-blogged!

Ghost Poiesis

When all words fail you and hold your tongue,
I’ll be there to lift you up.
When life is just that bit too hard,
I’ll be there to light the dark.
When your eyes go black but cannot sleep,
I’ll be there to make your dreams.
When your legs buckle under and feel weak,
I’ll be there to guide your feet.
When you have nothing and seek to weep,
I’ll be there to fight the bleak.
When you go to the world and roam –
Know you’ll never be alone.

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