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I am so new to watercolours! These are my first two real attempts with the medium. I am reasonably pleased with the outcomes. I have so much to learn about using watercolours though and I shall enjoy experimenting with them.

The Tiger I have painted in oils before, as you may remember, so it was interesting to me to notice the differences between the two mediums. I do still prefer the oils to paint with but that is probably because I am such a beginner with watercolours and oils are far more familiar to me.

I hope you like them.


Tiger Relaxing

I can hear you saying it – tigers again!! I can’t help myself. This one looks like he is just enjoying a little chilling out before starting his daily routine!

He’s painted in oils, on canvas board which is 40 x 50 cm in size.

Time to join him in relaxing now I think, while I contemplate my next project. I hope you like him.

Tiger Relaxing

At last – some warmth in my studio!

So pleased to be able to get back to my oil paints! This tiger took my attention and is painted on a 50 x 70 cm canvas in oil paint with some cold wax. It was quite a challenge, being a bigger canvas to my usual size, and complicated by my choosing to place the tiger large and central!! Anyway, I loved creating him, and I hope you all like him as much as I do!