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Spots before the eyes – literally! This is yet another experiment – to see if I could make it work! I wanted this fellow to be stepping out of the gloom, watching his prey.

I am pleased with my first try at this… and it seems to be popular too – all great!

Painted in oils on 40 x 50 cm canvas board.


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New style try-out

I thought I would try a different style – a little more abstract than usual and far less detailed! This is the result! This giraffe was great fun to do and turned out better than I expected!

The tiger too was a new attempt at doing things differently. Both good fun!

The giraffe is on 40 x 50 cm canvas and the tiger on 40 x 40 cm canvas and both are painted in oils.

I apologise for the camera quality – both pictures are more distinct in real life!

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Pet portraits

I spent some time doing this one as this dog is really special to me! My boy Bo is four now and such a character! No doubt you too have an animal that is special to you. There can be such joy to be found in a good relationship with a pet, don’t you think?

Bo is painted in oils on a 40 x 40 cm canvas. He’s not for sale, but I can make you a picture of your own pet if given a clear photo!

Bo age 4