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I am so new to watercolours! These are my first two real attempts with the medium. I am reasonably pleased with the outcomes. I have so much to learn about using watercolours though and I shall enjoy experimenting with them.

The Tiger I have painted in oils before, as you may remember, so it was interesting to me to notice the differences between the two mediums. I do still prefer the oils to paint with but that is probably because I am such a beginner with watercolours and oils are far more familiar to me.

I hope you like them.

animals, oil paint, Oil Paints, Wild Animals

Red Wolf

The red wolf is a canine native to the southeastern United States. Morphologically it is intermediate between the coyote and gray wolf, and is very closely related to the eastern wolf of eastern Canada. The red wolf is the world’s most endangered wolf. There are only an estimated 35 or fewer wild red wolves, and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature classifies them as critically endangered.

At the time of painting this beautiful creature it seems there are only 10 left in the wild. I do so hope that they grow in numbers and can survive.

This is painted in oil paints on 30 x 40 cm canvas. It was a joy to do. With love and respect for this gorgeous animal – lest we forget.

Red Wolf (endangered)