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Lion King

I was gifted some new oil paint – orange yellow and sap green – and a lot of it! I am very grateful for the kindness of that generous person and thought I would use these colours as a basis for this picture. Initially I did think that it was unlikely it would work out very well with such diverse colours but I have been pleasantly surprised how the different mixes of the colours made totally different tones. Enough said, this is the end result, and I do hope you like it!

Lion King
animals, watercolours, Wild Animals


I am so new to watercolours! These are my first two real attempts with the medium. I am reasonably pleased with the outcomes. I have so much to learn about using watercolours though and I shall enjoy experimenting with them.

The Tiger I have painted in oils before, as you may remember, so it was interesting to me to notice the differences between the two mediums. I do still prefer the oils to paint with but that is probably because I am such a beginner with watercolours and oils are far more familiar to me.

I hope you like them.